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Don't write e-mails anymore! Express Yourself!

Sit to your computer and webcam, and send a mail in video! Don't worry, it is very simple and free! has just launched. It is really very simple to use, with this, one of the first mailvideo service you can send free messages to your friends, family members, colleuges or to anyone. To use MailVideo is as easy and simple to use as sending e-mails, but with this, you can really give your face to the message. How can you send a MailVideo to your family from your vacation for example? You want to show your mother, that your child is doing fine?

1. Sit to your computer
2. Visit you have to register, but only once, and then ist's much easier)
3. Press the record button, and say your message to your webcam
4. Write in receipent's address, and you are ready to send your MailVideo
5. Before you send you can watch your message and decide wheather you like it or not. If you don't like it, you can make a new one.

When the receipent reads emails, he/she will recieve a link. By clicking on that link the mailvideo will open and receipent can reply.
Why is MailVideo good for you?

* It is very simple to use
* It is free
* Fast
* MailVideo is not stored on your computer